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Even though the sun is shining, it’s quite cool to stand here and wait for him. I stand at the corner at the cafeteria and shoot me in the spring wind. At my feet is my well-packed in xvideos, packed clothes for a week and also what I think I need on my trip down to Bavaria. There lives my mother’s side of the family and sometimes I take a little away from everything at home and let the grandmother spoil me like when I was a girl.

I’m looking around at the resting place. Here are passenger cars of all sizes and coaches filled with retired people, but it’s not those who care about me. These are the big trucks that occupy an area. I’m not sure I can recognize his truck based on the description. Also, I’m not sure I can recognize him, even though we’ve chatted some online and I’ve seen pictures of him.

Actually, it started like a crazy idea one evening we had a good chat. He told him he would not be online so much this spring because he had some trips to Italy. I told myself that my family and I occasionally drove down and visited grandmother when I was little so I knew a bit about driving a long way. He suggested we could drive together if I wanted a cheap lift, I held him. Tried to find out if there was more for him if he was hoping for something more than pleasant while on the road. A few weeks later, we chatted again about the subject and he assured me that all I have to do for the trip is ample coffee and coke. It explains the Net bag with four of the big bottles of coke and two packs of Gevalia beside my this xvideos.


I’m so small by giving him a close eye. Actually, this is too crazy. Believe me, just wait passively and hope he’ll spot me. At least I’m in the right place. Digging my phone up the jacket, no, there are no new messages. Instead, I write a message to mom. Tell me I’m leaving now and wish her and my daughter a good week together. They should look really nice as they usually do.
“Oh, hello,” sounds a voice asking obliquely behind yes.
“Yes,” I answer and turn his head.
“Yes, it’s you,” he laughs.
“Yes, who should I be,” I answer and smile.
“Are you ready to drive,” he asks. He seems shy.
“Yes, as clear as you can stay,” I answer,
“Ah, I will not take it,” he asks.
“You can take the bag,” I answer and swing the xvideos’s strap on the shoulder.
“Get up, did you empty the store,” he asks and laughs gently as he takes the net bag.
“Coffee and Coke as agreed”, I smile and look around.
“You could have been waiting for the border, much cheaper,” he says.
“And that’s what you’re saying first now,” I’m boring.
“Oh, yes, sorry,” he answers, looking down.
“Go, where are we going?” I ask.
“This way,” he answers and begins to cross the parking lots.

I follow the heels on him. The bagger knives in his shoulder, but he does not think I need a man to carry my luggage. He otherwise seems to be in good shape and is higher than I thought. I’m almost as tall as many men. It irritated me especially when I was a teenager. Seemed, I was a prayer stage and without forms. It helped a little with the shapes that I became a mother, but it’s never been so good. Was also shown a little boy girl. That’s enough to compensate for it, I’m making a part of my hair and making it long and feminine.

For a long time, we reach a big scrum of a truck. It almost turns over us. I’m glad I will not control that dims. He walks up and doing sex in xvideos on the passenger side. First, I think he will keep it crazy, but he just crawls up in the cab. I do not know if I’m disappointed or relieved. No galanteries and hidden agendas are fine, a little courtesy would be nice. Well, sweetie, he’s nice to take me with you. Inside the cab he turns to me.
“Do you straighten me the bag,” he asks and stretches my hand toward me.
“Jeps,” I answer, trying not to look for the trouble by lifting my heavy bag up to him.

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He smiles a bit boring, but does not say anything. Well. As he puts my bag behind the seats somewhere, I climb up the cab. Dude man sitting high in here. Far higher than I am used to from cars. I slam the cab’s door after me, take the place to the far right and span the seat belt. He takes room behind the wheel, looks at me for a moment, but does not comment on anything.
“Well, so, here we go,” he says, starting the engine.
“Jepper”, I answer more kiss than I feel.

Slowly we leave the parking lot, drive out of the rest area and out on the highway south. I’m a little nervous the first few minutes. This car is huge, but he lets the garden completely control how to drive it. And why should not he really, I think. I know him well enough from the chat to know that he has run this scream many times before.

I gradually relax. The monotonous engine of the engine is calming and my thoughts begin to fly. Actually, it is strange to drive far away from everything you know and to do with a stranger. Okay, he’s not alright, but nevertheless. Father would kill me, he knew it’s like this, I’m coming to Bavaria. Therefore, I have not told anyone that I’m driving here. God yes If something happens, nobody knows where I am! A short sting of panic and guilt lambs my brain. Why is he also so still? We would probably be able to mess over the chat. Ah, now I’ll be nice too. No one says he is a suicide or rapist. It’s nice of him to take me!
I cut over to him. His bright hair is a bit longer than his pictures. His hands are quietly on the steering wheel, he looks relaxed and looking out of the windshield as you can only do it after doing it for many consecutive hours and knowing that you have to do it many hours yet.
“Well, but when is the first stop,” I ask to break the ice.
“About four hours of time,” he replied after jumping to the dashboard.
“Cool” I answer and nod too much.
“Why are you going to pee?” He asks.
“What? No, then,” I do not completely answer and want to go away from topics about my body functions.


“Good. You learn to get it done when you can,” he answers.
“Cool. Okay. Something almost thought, there was a bathroom in this one”,
“Almost. Here’s a shower, if you want to, but it’s not fun while driving,” he laughs quietly.
“Haha. No, I can imagine”, I answer and look. We also do not talk about bathing!
“And fridge and coffee maker”, he smiles and chops to me.
“Good. Do you want anything to drink?” I remember my promises and ask.
“No thanks. You’ll need to get around in the bucket here at the next stop,” he answers.
“Okay,” I smile, looking out on the highway that goes under us.

Time does not feel as long as I had feared. When you just sit there passively and glorious, time becomes something else. Almost like a drows you just wait to end. I wake up with the drowsiness knowing that he turns from the highway. The rest area is like rest places are. We are snapping us to a truck lorry, our truck stops with a sigh and he turns off the engine.
“Three-quarter break,” he says, taking the ignition key.
“Okay, now I’m going to pee”, I smile shyly.
“The building over there. We can be followed,” he answers, pointing to a low-rise building with small windows high above a flat roof.
“Nice,” I smile, in xvideos and crawls down from the cab.

It is nice to stretch your legs and back after driving. I’m not used to sitting this for several hours and many hours await ahead. In the ladies’ toilet I get ready what I’m going to do. Washing hands afterwards, adjusts the hair in the mirror and sends me an encouraging smile.

I’m going a little detour back to the truck, he’s already there. He looks at me and smiles. It is now a pretty smile, I think and feel less stressed.
“Then there’s a tour,” he says, because I’m almost by him.
“Nice,” I smile as wide as I can.

He shows me the fridge and the coffee machine in the cab. Both have always been in my eyes so I feel a little stupid and silly not to have caught sight of themselves. I put a bottle of coke on the fridge and put a bag of coffee forward. He shows me the shower cubicle and his hammock.
“Unfortunately, here’s only one,” he says apologetic and clap the mattress.
“No problem. I’ll take the seat in front, if that,” I smile. That’s how we agreed, it should be.
“Here are at least enough pillows and blankets”, he smiles lightly and opens a closet.
“We’ll do that,” I smile.
“By the way, do not put on harness for my sake as we drive,” he says.
“Real,” I ask and look doubtful.
“I’m not driving wrong and we have to sit here for a long time,” he explains.
“Hmmm, good point,” I laugh calmly.
“Make it a little enjoyable. Okay,” he smiles and looks in my eyes.
“Should I try to remember if it is”, I smile and look away.

Out of the highway again I think about what he meant to make me comfortable. There were not necessarily undertones in it. And he is right. We must drive a long way. We might as well try to relax and enjoy ourselves a little while on our trip. I decide to remove the seat belt and throw my clothes.
“Sorry, sure toes”, I laugh, as I feel a new smell in the cabin.
“Pyh ha,” he grins and laughs.
“What! I can take them back again”,
“You can go and have a bath,” he chills back.
“Well, how are you?” I answer and play offended.
“I could not see anything,” he answers.
“Does not it look like a rearview mirror,” I point and brush.
“Argh, the veil,” he laughs.
“Hmmm. You have to live with my toes as they are,” I answer and laugh with.
“Lovely toes,” he says, cutting shortly to my feet.
“Thank you. We can calm the smell with the smell of coffee,” I suggest.
“Good idea, there’s biscuits down there,” he answers, pointing to a door.


With difficulty I put coffee over. Not quite easy when driving and there is not a lot of kitchen space. Finds biscuits and handles coffee in mugs from another closet.
“Good coffee,” he nods after having the tip of the steamy drink.
“Thank you,” I smile and am a little happy for his praise.
“Do you often have passengers?” I ask.
“At least nobody makes such good coffee,” he answers.
“But otherwise,” I ask and enjoy his compliment.
“Not quite often, but now it’s nice,” he replied, pulling his shoulders.
“Yes, that’s very nice,” I try to hold on to the conversation.
“Definitely yes,” he answers absent. He will not let go.
“Men or women,” I ask.
“What?” He asks. Now I have his attention.
“Those you’ve had with,” I ask.
“Both and”, he answers.
“Okay. And it’s going to figure out,” I ask.
“What do you mean,” he asks.
“Therefore, girls have a little more need for private life on a trip,” I answer.
“Do you want to be alone,” he asks.
“What? No, not the way I meant,” I laugh at disarmingly.
“What did you mean then?” He asks.
“It’s just, so you know,” I answer dodgingly.
“No, I do not know,” he smiles sharply.
“So, I’m not kidding next to you, well,” I laugh.
“We can then try at the next stop,” he replies.
“Haha! Næh!” I answer and give his shoulder a fist.
“Do not hit the driver. We’re driving wrong,” he answers and shaves down to his shoulder.

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“Heavy with you,” he answers and chops to my jean-tight legs.
“Men”, I’m sighing high and kissing my nose.

It’s getting dark outside. We have kept another rest on another resting place and weeping each other separately. I have picked up a blanket and my book with the front, the sweatshirt I left in the xvideos porn.  Here is a comfortable cock in the cab. Coffee I can not drink more of, a half-empty glass of coke is in the holder for the purpose. Has threw the sour socks and pulled my legs underneath me and laid blanket over my legs. I am about to be quite drowsy, but trying to read in the book.
“What are you reading”, he asks for a while.
“A book by my favorite author”, I answer.
“Who is that?” He asks.
“Paolo Coelho,” I answer.

“My teacher once said that men only read professional literature and porn movies,” I murmured.
“What?” He asks.
“That men do not read something like this,” I say loudly and laughs.
“I heard you well, what is the book about?” He asks and laughs.
“Oh, just a good story,” I reply, as I find out, I do not want to say it.
“Tell him,” he insists.
“Narh. It’s alright”, I try to escape.
“Well, I want to know,” he stays on.
“Yes. No.” I try to get rid of the conversation.
“Come on with the language,” he demanded.
“Oh, okay. So it’s about a girl from South America moving to Europe”, I answer.
“And,” he asks.
“But she must do it herself,” I answer.
“How,” he continues.
“Well, bye earning money and so,” I answer.
“How does she do that?” He asks.
“Nice”, I avoid and pretend I concentrate on the book.
“What does she do then,” he asks.
“Buns,” I sigh, blush and laugh.
“What!” He asks and blocks his eyes.
“She ears. Going to bed with men, and getting a wealth of benefits,” I chuckle in the bear.
“And you’re reading that,” he murmured.
“Oh yes,” I blush and look away.
“Are there many sex scenes,” he asks for an embarrassing break.
“Oh, a part,” I murmur.

“When I finish it,” I answer.
“You think it’s a good book, yes, thank you,” he answers.
“Yes, it’s okay, and Coelho has also won the Nobel Prize,” I answer and embarrass what I’ve just acknowledged.

A little later I am embarrassed that I have reached another sex scene. One where the protagonist is with a lover she enjoys. I decide to stop reading here. It feels strange to read about sex with him so close. Not uncomfortable, but strange and strange cross-border, though he can not see what I’m exactly reading about. I put a bookmark in the book, clap it together. and put it in the windscreen. Stretching me and gaber is actually pretty tired now. He cares for me.
“You must be well, it’s a good deal yet,
“Thank you,” I murmured, pulling the rug over her shoulders.
“Do you take a nap. That’s OK,” he says soothingly.
“Thank you very much,” I answer low and decide, I dare to lie down and relax.

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Alternately, I sleep and sleep halfway. The sound of the engine is actually quite calming. I have put my head close to him, he must not have my sore toes too close. When can you really get a bath?

Have just slept a little, but is waking up. One or another got me awake. The engine buzzes like all the time, it can not be it. I keep my eyes closed and try to sleep again. Hoof! It was again. Something strikes my child. It’s not uncomfortable. Do not actually delete and really fit very well that I die. Hi wait! It’s his fingertips and there they were again! I’m stiff for a moment, just getting up, but relaxing. I do not want to wake up completely and furthermore it feels strange. There are the fingers again. Mmmm, that’s really nice. I smile without opening my eyes. The fingers get just below my ear and sniff my neck at the hairline. It feels really nice on top of a long day and no harm has taken place. I smile again and try to fall asleep. He smells nice by the way.

Something is completely different next time I wake up. I immediately know what it is: The sound of the engine is gone. And your fingers. They have moved to my shoulder, he has pulled my t-shirts sleeve up and draws circles on my skin on my shoulder.
“Mmmm, good morning,” I murmured, stretches my back and opens my eyes.
“Ah morning,” he hugs, hurrying my book.


“What did you think and read my book?” I smile lazy to him.
“Oh yes, sorry,” he replied, looking out of the groin.
“Do not do anything.” Yes, I reassure.
“Oh yes,” he says, losing his eyes.
“Oh, you saw it,” I murmured and looked up at him.
“It’s the power of sperm,” he replies.
“Would you like to read something like that,” he says.
“It’s weird,” I murm and move my shoulders, he’s cheering.
“The book or” he asks.
“Both parts”, I spin.
“Really,” he asks and aer my shoulder with the whole palm.
“Yes, read a little to me”, answer and lie better.
“Øhm, where you’re at,” he asks.
“Yes, thank you,” I mutter and close my eyes.
“Safe,” he asks after turning up where I am reached.
“Absolutely sure,” I answer and close my eyes in xvideos.

He begins to read aloud from the pretty hot sex scene I’ve reached. He hesitates for the first time, reaches a particularly cheeky word, but gradually he reads fluently. The scene is actually delicious. He stops when I almost dodge it, dumbly takes his hand from my shoulder and pulls it down to my one breast. I only do that because it feels like the only thing to do. He is not long to get together and read on, while hesitantly caressing my chest. His hand, all day, has been so quiet on the steering wheel, shaking a little, but it feels nice warm through the t-shirt fabric. Soon a finger of my raised wart will circle.

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